About Us


My name is Caroline and I am the one who will take your impressions.

I live in the eastern suburb of Melbourne with my husband and our beautiful two years old boy, whilst another one is on the way!

We made our little Ethan’s hands and feet sculpture when he was 30 days old. It was the best decision that we have ever made. This is what really inspires me to take this profession. I would like to give the opportunity for every family, the chance to have impressions that last a life time.

All babies grow.. When we look at our little One, suddenly, they are not that little anymore. Their hands, their feet, their whole body are not like what they use to. They were the size of our palm, so tiny..

Over the years, we have many beautiful pictures of our little One. But, it dimmed in comparison with a sculpture. When we look at the sculpture of his/her hands and we can feel every single line, all the edges tell you a story that melts your heart away.

I would like to help you in creating these amazing keepsakes and I would look forward in hearing from you. Click here to contact us

Caroline K.