“Capture your memories and creates love with art”

As I hold my baby I was surprise to see how fast he was growing up, I wanted to capture his tiny hands and feet. I wanted to remember how fragile and delicate his tiny features were.  Casting has enabled me to keep and cherish tiny features forever and I can always look back and hold and see how small he once was.

I want to share this beautiful feeling and thus began my casting business “Tinies Tots Impression.” I am delighted to be able to help mums to capture their babies beautiful features. Each baby is different and each casting is unique and I will work with you to create an everlasting impression for your precious bundle.

And having another baby on the way, I cannot wait to create a memory for my little darling.

Please browse my website and let me create an everlasting keepsake for you.

“Photos and videos cannot capture your baby’s features in their actual shape. Preserve their impressions and hold those tiny hands and feet forever with a 3D casting. Tinies Tots Impressions, will help you to capture each tiny crease, wrinkle and fingernails. Hold those tiny hands and feet forever.”


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